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Lodge Cast Iron

Posted by on August 23rd, 2011 | 0 comments


We  now carry the Original Lodge Cast Iron Cookware, made in North America

Here’s what people are saying about Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

“cooking with cast iron is versatile, timeless, modern and simple.

You’ll find that it is one of your most prized pieces.”

 San Francisco Chronicle

Lodge Skillet

Lodge Skillet


“besides eating iron-rich and iron-fortified foods,

 you can pump up the trace amounts of iron in your diet

by cooking foods in good old fashioned cast -iron pans.”

The Dr. Oz Show



Sizzle Wear



“Other pots try to mimic what cast iron does naturally.

No other cookware  maintains heat better or is as versitile or durable.”

Chef John Folse


Table wear

Come In and check out our  selection of this amazing Cast Iron Cookware


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